"Ambient music can often be theoretical or medicinal; this record is both."


"Nicholson & Belle" is the immersive art engine of Matthew Liam Nicholson and Michelle Hodnett.  We make sound baths and audiovisual works.


We perform immersive meditative sound baths for groups in yoga studios, retreats, gardens, conferences, private spaces, galleries - anywhere that can be prepared consciously to conduct a meaningful meditative group experience.

We compose unfolding sonic musical meditative journeys to guide you deep into regenerative realms of relaxation and beauty.

Our sound palette is unusually rich and we tailor experiences as appropriate to groups and settings.

We acknowledge no ultimate distinction between art and healing practice, and love to facilitate sacred time and space with sound meditations.

"Vibration is the fundamental principle of the universe"  

- Dr Masaru Emoto

“The prime objective of all Initiatory music in the Temples of Antiquity was to bring about physical purification and renewal, mental stimulation and alertness, spiritual exhilaration and Illumination.”

- St. Ambrose

(who brought the diatonic scale of Pythagoras to the Church)