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Matthew Liam Nicholson is a composer, Producer and recording artist - originally from Australia, now BASED in California.

his work is grounded in a mysticism both gritty and ecstatic - HIS diverse compositions woven together BY a "clear, authorial voice" (Wire).


His music "stretches the ethereality of dream-pop into blissout" (Pitchfork, 8.2) and has been described as "reverent, expansive, magical realist folk music” (Uncut).

His original compositions are featured inTERNATIONALLY IN film, TV & the ARTS - and sprawling albums revered by DIVERSE music lovers OF PLANET EARTH.


MULTIPLE NEW ALBUMS, scores, string quarteTs, sounds baths & collaborative works ARE IN PREPARATION FOR 2024 RELEASE.


“Ambient music can often be theoretical or medicinal; this record is both”

- The Guardian

“Nicholson's music retains a clear authorial voice and purpose offering a series of panoramic variations...”

- The Wire

"Almost impossibly beautiful... pristine folk, field recordings, pop melodies, jazz-like bursts of dissonance and sampled world music intervals,...immediately arresting"
- Dusted

“Fans of The Books, Low, Animal Collective & Broken Social Scene need to hear this densely layered pop masterpiece”
— Reckless

"the raw thrashing of rustic instrumentation treads alongside mercurial, abstract electronics, forging a sublime juxtaposition."
- Nuemu

“Angelic textures, dreamy pop songs, aerial drones, sumptuous arrangements and improvisations.....provides a deep sense of well being and soothing freedom. music that is shared between families, between people with similar sensitivity. Masterpiece."

— Rock It To The Moon

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