Matthew Liam Nicholson is a recording artist & composer originally from Geelong, Australia.  He currently lives in the mountains of Northern California.

Nicholson's work is grounded in a universal mysticism both gritty and ecstatic - his diverse compositions woven together BY a "clear, authorial voice" (Wire).


His music "stretches the ethereality of dream-pop into blissout" (Pitchfork, 8.2) and has been described as "reverent, expansive, magical realist folk music” (Uncut) 


His previous bands include Function Ensemble, Outshine Family, AT/ALL & THE GOLDEN LIFESTYLE BAND.

His original compositions are featured in film and art installations around the world, as scores and placements.


RECENTLY RELEASED by deep listening label/GALLERY LONGFORM EDITIONS - Nine Movements, IS a meditative INSTRUMENTAL composition developed for sound bathing people, featuring Miguel Atwood-Ferguson and Carlos Niño - recently SELECTED BY THE GUARDIAN/OBSERVER AS TOP 'HIDDEN GEM' LP OF 2021.

GUARDIAN/OBSERVER: “Ambient music can often be theoretical or medicinal; this record is both”

BOOMKAT:  “touches on the sublime…commands a lush panorama”

BANDCAMP:  “surely one of the most deserving of the "devotional" hashtag that seems otherwise to be thrown around a bit haphazardly these days…pure bliss out”

LONGFORM EDITIONS:  “Nine movements, many players, one spirit.”

"Almost impossibly beautiful. At 72 minutes long, and incorporating pristine folk, field recordings, pop melodies, jazz-like bursts of dissonance and sampled world music intervals, The Secret Miracle Fountain is immediately arresting"
--- Dusted, USA 

"the raw thrashing of rustic instrumentation treads alongside mercurial, abstract electronics, forging a sublime juxtaposition."
--- Nuemu, USA 

"an eclectic mix of pop, disposition, atmosphere, and instrumental packed integrity that has moments of brilliance, this isn’t any ordinary record” 

--- Australian Music Online, AUS

"This kind of reverent, expansive, magical realist folk music owes an obvious debt to Sufjan Stevens, but Galeria de la Luz succeeds where Stevens’ The Age of Adz failed, its massed orchestral ranks marshaled with stunning composure and restraint."
— Uncut, UK 

"magical music, hot shit, serious, suffocating and sparse, and aesthetically exquisite… from the outset you notice the lyrical quality is outstanding’’ 

-, USA

“Angelic textures, dreamy pop songs, aerial drones, sumptuous arrangements and improvisations felt to mix and magnify. Impressive and ambitious, it provides a deep sense of well being and soothing freedom. Galeria de la Luz is an album that is shared between families, between people with similar sensitivity. Masterpiece."

— Rock It To The Moon, FR 

“Fans of The Books, Low, Animal Collective & Broken Social Scene need to hear this densely layered pop masterpiece”
— Reckless, USA 

"stretches the ethereality of dream pop into blissout, as strings, wordless vocals, and guitar bleed together in swatches of psychedelic color...Function argue convincingly that sometimes you have to leave the planning behind and go on instinct."
--- Pitchfork, USA (Rating: 8.2) 

“Despite its far flung origins and diverse input, Nicholson's music retains a clear authorial voice and purpose offering a series of panoramic variations, phased drones, vaporous trails, and heavily processed cycles of ebb and flow…”

--- The Wire, UK