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RELEASED OCTOBER 2021 by deep listening label/GALLERY LONGFORM EDITIONS - Nine Movements, IS a meditative INSTRUMENTAL composition developed for sound bathing people, featuring Miguel Atwood-Ferguson and Carlos Niño - recently SELECTED BY THE GUARDIAN/OBSERVER AS TOP 'HIDDEN GEM' LP OF 2021.:

GUARDIAN/OBSERVER: “Ambient music can often be theoretical or medicinal; this record is both”

BOOMKAT:  “touches on the sublime…commands a lush panorama”

LONGFORM EDITIONS:  “Nine movements, many players, one spirit.”

ANT CHILDS, BANDCAMP:  “surely one of the most deserving of the "devotional" hashtag that seems otherwise to be thrown around a bit haphazardly these days…pure bliss out”


universal outsider



"Australian-born Matthew Liam Nicholson creates ethereal experimental folk rock,  combining unexpected instrumentation with haunting melodies to create a universe all his own. His LP Universal Outsider features intricately layered orchestral textures and uniquely poetic lyrics, with a timeless quality that puts him far above the average singer/songwriter. For fans of Sufjan Stevens, Father John Misty & Animal Collective"


- Koze Music

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