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Y'Van: The Lost Sounds of Saigon


Los Angeles & Vietnam

Project type

Feature Documentary




Composer - additional music

I'm thrilled to be working with a dream team composing additional music, while standing on the shoulders of a gentle giant.

Y Vân: The Lost Sounds of Saigon” is a documentary about Khoa’s journey to rediscover the lost music of her late legendary composer grandfather Y Vân.

Y Vân was a renowned Vietnamese musician, composer, and arranger. During his short but prominent 60 years of life, he wrote and worked on hundreds of songs, with many of them considered timeless Vietnamese classics. He was also known as a masterful mixer & arranger, completing many film scores, radio, and television projects.

This exquisitely shot and animated docbuster, in final stages of post-production, will be soon entering the festival circuit - packed full of Y'Van's totally unique bangers re-mastered for their new life.

Stay tuned!

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