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Universal Outsider

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May 2022


Los Angeles




Universal Outsider is an album of my songs old and new - collected, recorded and produced in Los Angeles with a select crew, released May 2022.

Renowned Los Angeles photographer Peter Kagan made the music video for the first single "Dusty Bones". An honor to work with Peter, who made some classic 80s music videos for Duran Duran, Cutting Crew & Stevie Winwood (yes, Higher Love).

"Australian-born Matthew Liam Nicholson creates ethereal experimental folk rock, combining unexpected instrumentation with haunting melodies to create a universe all his own. Universal Outsider features intricately layered orchestral textures and uniquely poetic lyrics, with a timeless quality that puts him far above the average singer/songwriter. For fans of Sufjan Stevens, Father John Misty & Animal Collective"
- Koze Music

"With such a broad and inventive flow running throughout, Matthew Liam Nicholson has developed a sound that is both inviting and mesmerising in equal measure."
- Mystic Sons

"A psychedelic journey through space and time that tickles the senses from start to finish."

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