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Galeria Da La Luz

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Composer, Producer

"Galeria De La Luz" was recorded in mostly in Chicago with the great assistance of Patrick Liddell who was teaching composition & music technology at Northwestern University.

We gathered an entire orchestra to record in sections - 23 piece strings, 13 piece brass, 12 piece winds, huge choir, percussion ensemble - there ended up being around 80 people on the record.

Galeria was released by Blackmaps of UK in 2011 (Stuart Souter previously of Warp Records) and mastered for vinyl by Lupo at Dubplates in Berlin. Alas, the London riots happened and burnt down the Pias warehouse where our new stock was stored, the label took some hard losses and despite having amazing sounding vinyl test pressings, the vinyl release didn't happen.

Living in London at the time, we performed mostly around the UK, assuming the group name Outshine Family with John Chantler and Carina Thoren. We performed with some wonderful acts during that period including Alisdair Roberts, Mountains & Hiss Golden Messenger.

Featuring Patrick Liddell, Matthew Golombisky, Quinlan Kirchner, Clare Tuckley, Ian Wadley, Pascal Babare, Paul Mylecharane, Ruth Schoenheimer, Annie Reese, Aaron Robinson, Dominic Johnson, Sara Kraft, Felix Woldenberg, David Wenngren, Georgina Ward, Anna Steinhoff, Shirley Hunt, John Wubbenhorst, James Davis, Tamarind Free Jones

Album artwork by Matthew Liam Nicholson, Dylan Martorell & Pascal Babare

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