Private Music Tuition with Matthew Liam Nicholson
Guitar.   Piano.   Bass.   Drums.   Singing. 

* I teach in-home music lessons in Los Angeles 

* I offer a full curriculum for each of guitar, piano, bass, drums and voice

* I provide a clear and extensive lesson plan complete with goals, achievement levels and performances


* Kids feel like rockstars and parents feel confident and relieved their child is getting the best possible education 

* Song based curriculum - my students are learning songs they love - and learning how to play with others

* Music is an advantage in life, associated with improved brain function & neuroplasticity, better grades, self esteem & social skills, and a range of therapeutic mental, emotional and physical benefits


If you are wondering about anyone you feel might have some hidden musical talent, but needs instruction and practice to bring it forth - I'm a gold medal coaxer well acquainted with the muse.

I have a high success rate because I only work with kids and people that are truly excited about music. I don’t overbook myself - clients get the full benefit of my energy.


“People may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel”


Lesson slots becoming available in February/March 2019.

Lesson packages range from $280 to $550 monthly.


Contact me now to reserve the next lesson time:

310 699 9723