composer, songwriter, musical director, recording artist, multi-instrumentalist, PRODUCER :

2021 - “Universal outsider” MLN studio LP date tbA
2021 - “Nine Movements” MLN ambient LP date tbA
2021 - “Conscious Light Original Soundtrack” LP TBA
2020 - "TSATAAN: THE REINDEER PEOPLE" score dir Carmen Morrow

2020 - “Happenine” theatrical score dir steve brown
2019 - “JUST BE” short film score, dir Sarah Koteles
2019 - “Nicholson & Belle” live sound bath performances, West Coast USA
2019 - “Boarding Benevolence” - Soultech 2018, documentary score
2019 - “Conscious Light” feature film/doc score
2019 - Signed with Super Secret Agents management (Jason Dragon)
2018 - “White Wolves” short film score dir Sarah Koteles
2018 - "CRSHD" feature film score, premiered Tribeca NYC
2018 - "Sounds of Red Bull", 20 song commission of electronic dream pop & ambient indie rock
2017 - "THE DEPOSITION - Sam Jinks", score for short film FOR NATIONAL GALLERY AUSTRALIA
2017 - “Defying Empire” artist profile FILM SCORES, National Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
2016 - "Geome One" - score for fine art multimedia installation in HOLLYWOOD HILLS
2016 - “Daptiv - FITNESS EVOLVED” composed suites of music for fitness app
2016 - “Sun Dog” LP by AT / ALL, ELECTRONIC POP GROUP, released via MGM
2016 -  music degree equivalency GRANTED two US music professors
2015 - “Ocean Talk” short film score dir Darius Devas
2015 - “Good Sports” short film score DiR Marcelo Zerwes
2015 -  “Living Edge” minimal electronic score for short film Dir Marcelo Zerwes
2015 - "Struwwelpeter", multimedia score for LIVE ENSEMBLE in Fiji
2015 - “Wrecked: Exorcism” theatrical scorE Dir Sara Kraft
2015 - “The Ascent of Orpheus” multimedia score, Bargello National Museum, Florence, Italy
2015 - “Land Rover” short film music Dir Tom Broadhurst
2015 - “Garage Dreams” guitar music commission for TV series on cars
2014 - “Chopped” guitar music for tv series Dir Tom Broadhurst
2014 - “East Of Zero” short film score Dir Tymon Langford
2014 -  Produced EP by “Zoe Zac” released by Metal Postcards, Hong Kong
2014  - “Function Ensemble” performances in Australia
2013  - “And When He Falls” theatrical sound design & music, Dir John Stanton
2013  - “The Growing Food Project” short film score, DIR Rasha Tayeh
2013  - “This City Speaks” short film score, DIR Darius Devas
2012  - “Thylacine” short film score, dir Tymon Langford
2012  - “Quandra Loka” fine art multimedia score
2012  - “Hungry Man” short film score, Dir Jordan Prosser
2012  - “Good Grief”, short film score, dir Fiona Dalwood
2012  - “Boxhead” short film score, DIR Tymon Langford
2011  - “Outshine Family”  UK Performance Tours
2011  - “Galeria de la Luz” LP, released by Black Maps in UK
2010 -  Outshine Family UK festival shows
2009 - Outshine Family signed to UK record label “Blackmaps”
2008 - “The Big Mazungo” music placement in documentary by Nike & Exit Films
2008 - “Care Australia” music for tv commercial
2007 - “Function Ensemble” European Performance Tour
2006 - “Function Ensemble” USA Performance Tours
2006 - “What Is Not An Idea” fine art multimedia score for Venice Bienalle exhibit
2006 - signed to Mushroom Music Publishing Australia
2006 - “The Secret Miracle Fountain” LP by Function, released by Locust Music, Chicago
2006  - “Spectra Suites” score and music direction for live SCORE ensemble
2005  - “Lloyd Ormerod Wants His Face Back” shot film score dir Jonathan blackman
2005 - “The Transcendental Art” short documentary score
2004 - “The Outpouring of Divine Blessing” film score dir Georgia Griffiths
2004 - Function world tour UK, USA, Japan, Australia
2004  - “Zillionaire-Retarded Speeds...” LP by Function released Japan
2003  - “Kaleidoscape” fine art multimedia score dir Adi Da Samraj
2003  - “The Breather” fine art multimedia score dir Adi Da Samraj
2003 - “Zillionaire-Retarded Speeds...” LP by Function released AU/NZ

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Matthew is a voting member the Recording Academy and a member of the Society for Composers and Lyricists IN LA