Matthew Liam Nicholson

"almost impossibly beautiful" --- dusted

"stretches the ethereality of dream pop" --- pitchfork

"densely layered pop masterpiece” --- reckless

"reverent, expansive, magical" --- uncut
"a sublime juxtaposition" --- neumu
"aesthetically exquisite" --- adequacy
"impressive and ambitious" --- rock it to the moon

"clear authorial voice and purpose" --- the wire


“Universal Outsider” LP

* September/October 2020

* Universal Outsider collects highlights of Nicholson's songwriting, produced expansively with Los Angeles guns.

* Full audiovisual experience - fifteen music videos are currently in production, for each song.

* Release intended for usual formats, vinyl, online film & 5.1


* Remixes LP to follow.



Artist: Matt Nicholson 310 699 9723

Management: Jason Dragon  917 515 7772